Make Daniel Harshbarger your real estate agent!

In addition to researching the ideal home, you should hire me as your real estate agent to help with your search. I am an established real estate agent who knows how to get in-depth information about properties and steer customers toward the right home. More likely than not, I will have knowledge about the area that the customer doesn't, including information that enables them to negotiate a price that's tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than what it is listed for on the market. This includes local market conditions and previous attempts to sell the house in question. I will serve as a firewall between shoppers and home sellers defusing emotionally complicated and sometimes unreasonable negotiations. I will use all my resources to discover legal burdens upon the house. This includes tax liens or other issues that could complicate the sale of a home. A major convenience of hiring me as your real estate agent is the fact that I will handle the paperwork involved in purchasing a home. I am an experienced agent with a reputation for follow through and competency.

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