7 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Buyer Appeal

Thinking of selling your house? Here are some easy tips that make a big impression without breaking the bank.

The first thing prospective buyers will see when they arrive to your house is the curb appeal. A little landscaping will go a long way. Simple touches like potted plants, hanging baskets, and flower boxes are quick additions that require minimal effort. You can pick these up at your local garden center pre-arranged and ready to display.

The front door makes more of a statement than you know. Paint your door a fun color that coordinates with your home. Not ready to go that far? Don’t worry, a beautiful wreath on the front door can easily make an equal impression.

Paint. It can strike fear in the hearts of the toughest homeowner. The task of selecting the right color and painting your walls can be daunting. Don’t skip it, though. A fresh coat of paint can bring a breath of fresh life to a room. Remember the trim; bright white or dark stained trim can give an eye-pleasing contrast to the walls.

No need to become Cinderella, because this one is best handled by the professionals. Polish or wax your solid surface flooring to make them shine again. A deep clean shampoo can make your carpeting look brand new.

The most important feature for a prospective buyer is a home’s kitchen. You don’t have to spring for a full remodel to update the look of your kitchen, though. A quick hardware change could be just what you need. Replace the handles and pulls of your cabinetry with the current trend and you will have a new look without the big expense.

Since the kitchen is such a priority for buyers, put more effort in there. Make a big statement with your backsplash. You can do this with a row of accent tile or an intricate patterned tile. This will change the overall look of your kitchen without replacing cabinets or countertops.

The easiest and least expensive way to make your home appeal to buyers is to simply rearrange your furniture. How you position the larger pieces in each room affect the overall impression to a buyer. Placement of furniture can cause a room to look more spacious or confining. If your room looks too cramped, do not hesitate to remove an element to create more space.

These tips can help your home make a big impression on prospective buyers. It could mean the difference in your home selling quickly or sitting on the market. Contact your local real estate professional for even more ideas to get your home sold.